Thursday, March 31, 2011

Parker's Favorite Things

Fischer Price Love U Zoo Jumperoo
this is his new favorite thing to do!  definately keeps him occupied for 30 minutes at LEAST.  We have to put a pillow under his feet and he little head barely comes above the seat top, but he jumps in this thing like its his job!!
Bright Starts Lots of Links
a friend gave these to us a few weeks ago.  I have since hooked links off P's carseat and playmat.  we also have links put together that we just hand him to play with.  he loves them.  easy for him to hold onto and when he grip them he swings them everywhere!
Tiny Love Gymini Playmat
He has been playing on this mat for months but he still loves it.  I love that you can move the hanging objects around and add other items if you want(like the links above!)  We also do tummy time on this mat!  These days when he starts off at the center of the mat we usually find him halfway off of it within a few all his rolling over attemps he has started to scoot himself right off the playmat!!

Discovery Toys Baby Moves Shaker Weights
My mom got Parker alot of rattles and toys from Discovery Toys.  All of their toys are made for specific developmental reasons and  these encourage the baby to do things to develop motor skills.

Sophie the Giraffe
Everyone who had babies before me told me I needed this!  My sister got it for Park at his baby shower.  Since the teething has begun, Sophie has been put to good use!  He loves chewing on her.  However with the squeeking noise she makes we have had to make sure Bella(the dog) remembers that Sophie is not a new chew toy for her!
Fischer Price My Little Lamb Swing
Park still loves his swing, mostly when he is sitting in the more upright postion so he can scope everything going on in the room!  He is not in his swing near as often as he used to be, but its still his calm place to just relax!

Infantino Vibrating Grape Teether
Another gift from my friend Vera.  P loves this.  At first we were having to squeeze it for him to get the vibration to kick on but now he bites so hard on it that he triggers it himself!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The teething process has begun!  I cannot feel any teeth coming through just yet,  but I do not think it will be long.  He is drooling like crazy, constantly has his hands and fingers in his mouth nawling on them and has been going to town on his teethers (sophie, vibrating grapes, cold teething ring).  How is everything happening so fast?  I just had him a few days ago...right?

Aunt DeeDee

We love our Aunt DeeDee (and Uncle Stephen too!).  Parker was so excited that they came to visit us this past weekend.  Parker stared at his Aunt DeeDee constantly and smiled and laughed at EVERYTHING she did and said!

We had a great time while they were here, but it flew by.  I miss my sister so much even though we talk around 10 times a day! Friday we went down to New Hope, PA for lunch and Dee and I did a little shopping with Park while the guys went to a little bar and watched sports.  Saturday we ventured down to Philly so they could do the official Pats vs. Genos challenge.  It was freezing...but the verdict was Pat's. 

Saturday night was the first night Wayne and I went out without Park.  We had a great time, but I sure did miss my little guy!  Living up here with no family we have not had the luxury of enjoying nights out sans baby!  We have amazing neighbors who offered to watch him and it was nice to be out again.  We will have to take them up on the babysitting again soon!!

We were sad to see Dee and Stephen leave, but it was easier knowing we would see them in 2 weeks when we head down to TEXAS!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kiss Me...

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Our Birthday Girl!!

Our first baby who just so happens to be the cutest four-legged, fur baby ever is 5 years old today!!
I remember before Parker I thought Bella was so tiny!  Now picking her up feels like I am lifting a golden!
Love this sweet girl so much!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Seaside Escape

I am so over this cold weather!  I know I have no control of it, but I do have control of what I want to beleive the weather is like from the inside of my home!! 
Yesterday I went out to get some new summer scents for the home.  I came home with this candle and a handful of wall flowers from Bath and Body Works!  It is my first time to try Seaside Escape and I am in love!  Loving the color too!

Also got some Fresh Lime Basil handwash that is delightful!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3 Months...Already!?!

The days just continue to fly by, and my little guy is already 3 months old! 

those socks are cowboy boots...LOVE THEM!

Everyone has made fun of me because I have already started to plan Park's first birthday party...but honestly it is going to be here before we even know it.  I wish I could just freeze time for a few months so I could keep him at this small, snuggly, "baby baby" stage for just a little longer. 
I do not have 3 month stats since he does not go back to the doctors until its time for his 4 month shots, but he is definately growing.  I heart his chubby cheeks and his little belly! 

Here are some things about our sweet little guy this month!

- He is sleeping through the night
- Yesterday on his actual 3 month birthday, he laughed out loud for the first time.  It was so loud and so precious.  It was the most amazing sound ever. 
- He has been sitting in his bumbo.  He doesnt LOVE it...but we sit a little longer each day.  His little neck is so strong
- he has developed a love for TV.  His swing faces the the opposite direction as the tv and we started to notice when he is in it and the tv is on he is doing everything he can to turn his head all the way around to see the television.  So there have been a few times we have put on cartoons and let him watch.  He looks so into it and just stares then falls asleep!
- He FINALLY got outside and got to take a nice walk with mommy in his(her) new jogging stroller!  Poor guy had to wait 3 months to enjoy some fresh air.  He really seemed to love it.  Too bad that was the only nice day we have had (54 and sunny, so he was still bundled up).  Come on warm weather!!!
-He got his very first passport!  Ready for Cayman!
-He is really starting to grab and hold onto things.  He even took a rattle the other day and shook it.
- The first time he ever rolled onto his side was at a few weeks old.  That was when his doc told us for the first time that Parker was going to be one we had to watch.  At that point the rolling on the side was sparatic.  Now it is all the time.  I dont think it will be too long until he is rolling over!!

Parker we love you so much!!  You make everyday and everything in our lives better than we could have even imagined!!