Thursday, September 5, 2013

And then there were two...

Well it is official...we only have 2 in diapers.
Yes, I am aware two still seems like alot to most.  But in our house 2 is way better than 3!

Three weeks ago we decided it was time to try this whole potty training thing out.  We have had a little potty for ever now and months back let him pick out a little cars seat to sit on top of our potty.  Over the past few months we have asked him if we would like to try to potty.  Sometimes we received a yes, most times a no and other times he would run in to the restroom just so he could flush!  I mean that is the most exciting part, right!?!

When it came time to select our "method" I really did not have a clue what I was going to do.  I had many people telling me to try this and to try that.  For some reason one method that stuck in my head was the 3 Day Method that Katie over Happenings of the Hermanns used with her handsome little guy.  She had great success and I loved the way they made it so fun!

I went back and skimmed over her post, took the gist of it and went full force ahead!

Friday when the hubs got home we packed up our crew and headed to target.  Mind you we had been talking to Parker all week about how this weekend he was going to become a big boy who only wore underwear and that we were going to say goodbye to his diapers.  He would get really excited at times and other times tell me flat out NO!  So we got to target and I sent the boys to the dollar section to find fun/random/cheap toys to fill our toy basket and to pick out LOTS of new big boy underwear.   While they did that I picked up some party horns, poster board, stickers and candy.

We headed home and continued to hype up to him how exciting potty training was going to be and that we would start it as soon as he woke up.

That night I got everything prepped...

The prize basket and some of his new underwear

His sticker chart

The candy (which I think I ate more of...this child is not bribed by candy)

And of course I had to cut vinyl to decorate the toilets!!!
Nothing my boy loves more than trucks and dinosaurs!

So Saturday morning he woke up and we took him straight to the restroom put him on the toilet and threw his diaper away.  He did not go that first time, but that was ok.  He sat on the potty for a few minutes and that was just fine by us.  So we put some underwear on him and let him put a star sticker on his chart.

He got a star sticker each time he sat on the potty and a candy if he wanted one.  He got a Cars sticker for the chart and a prize if he went to the restroom.  We also went completely crazy everytime he went in the potty, screaming, clapping and blowing the party horns!  We overloaded him with positive praise and you could see the pride in his sweet little face!  We set an alarm for every 15 minutes to the tone of a motorcycle per Parks request.   Each time it went off we would run to the rest room.  We would make him sit on the toilet for as long as we could each time he went in there.  We kept him entertained with potty apps and potty books!

Be prepared...we had a TON of accidents that first day.
I want to say by 1 or 2 we had been through 13 pairs of underwear.  Each time he had an accident we told him it was okay and immediately put him on the potty.  As the day went of I could notice a difference though.  He was becoming more aware.  I wont lie, that night I still felt a little defeated and had alot of wine!

We put him in a pull-up for bed.  When he got up the next morning he was dry. 
 Took him straight to the potty and guess what....he went! 
Day two he didn't seem as into our alarm and when we told him to go get on the potty he was kind of fighting us.  But we also noticed he wasn't have any accidents.  As the day went on we noticed he would just walk off and take himself to the restroom and go on his own and then holler for us (of course we were peeking around the corner but he thought he was on his own...Mr. Independent)  He also wanted nothing to do with the cars seat that sits ontop of the big toilet anymore...he just wanted to sit on the big toilet.
That day we only had 3 accidents and he woke up with a dry pull-up after nap too.

Monday the hubs went back to work and I was a little nervous.
Park woke up dry again and was accident free all day.  I constantly asked him throughout the day if he had to go and he would tell me no when he didn't and when he did he would just run in there when I asked.
Monday was a big day because that was the first day that I heard "Mommy, I poopoo"  I ran into the restroom(I had been in living room feeding girls) and sure enough he the toilet!  Thank goodness we never experienced any accidents with #2!
That day I decided to brave it and let him nap in his underwear...woke up dry!
We still put him in a pull-up that night but when he woke up Tuesday dry we said bye bye to those too. 

So since Tuesday, August 20th our little guy has been completely diaper free and in big boy underwear.
He has honestly amazed us!  Besides making it fun and adding the little extra details here and there like stickers to the toilet seat, I really take no credit for this success.  It was all him and him being ready!

I do have to brag.  The following weekend we did make the 4 hour road trip to Houston.  Since there are many areas along the way where there are no places to stop and some areas where I wouldn't allow us to stop we did put him in a pull-up for the ride.  At one stop the hubs took him to the restroom and he was DRY and used the potty there.  Once we arrived to my parents we took him straight in and again DRY!  He rocks!

We are so proud of him and SO excited that we got to cancel that monthly shipment of those size 6 diapers from Amazon!!!