Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30 weeks...last week

8 weeks or less until our baby girls make their debut!!!
(tomorrow will make 7)
I have been so horrible about blogging about this pregnancy.  Its just I cant seem to find the time and I also have had a hard time finding a good source as to what is really going on each with with multiple births.  When I was preggo with Park, I got the weekly emails from babycenter and what to expect, but they dont give an option or send special info for twins. 
Things have been going great and I am growing each day!!  The girls are weighing upwards of 3 pounds each now and at my last appt, my belly was measuring 37 week (I was 29 weeks)!  Wowza!
I feel good overall, just getting tired easy and find myself getting out of breath going up and down stairs 100 times a day.
I have yet to be put on any form of bedrest (knock on wood) and have just really tried to do my best at not overdoing it.  My main issue is picking Parker up.  I know they tell me not to, but I have to...he is my baby still and when he needs me, well he wins over stupid rules.
Here are a few pics over the past couple weeks.  If you follow me on instagram then you have seen these!!
 28 weeks
30 weeks

Friday, April 26, 2013

Easter 2013

We had such a wonderful Easter this year. 
I love that we are home and our familes can be with us to share in these special days with us!
My parents came up from Houston for Easter and we had so much fun.  We dyed and decorated Easter eggs, did eggs hunts with Park, attended an amazing Sunday service and had a wonderful brunch with family.
Parker was so much fun this year.  He really loved decorating his eggs and loved hunting for eggs.  His favorite item had to be confetti eggs though...I am still finding confetti all over the place!