Thursday, February 9, 2012

product of the week: serenity drop

Today I am linking up with Tiffanie and Aly again for the Product of the Week!!

This week my product is the Serenity Stone Drops by Stella & Dot!

I ordered and received these last week and I am already in love with them!

I love the color, the size and the way they just add that POP to any outfit!

I only have a couple of pieces from S&D, but have always been so happy with my purchases and how quickly I receive my items!  I already have my eye on a few more pieces, that are screaming my name!

If you see these and just have to have them (like I did!), go visit my sweet friend Shelby and place your order! 

What is your favorite product this week?  Go link up with Tiff and Ali and let us know!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tumble Time

We have been getting quite busy these days!  I am trying to get Park as involved as I can in activities to make sure he is getting as much social interaction as possible being a stay at home kid!.  I get nervous that he is not getting enough of that and sometimes as much as I hate it, he gets bored just hanging and playing with Mom!

We had been attending the local Little Gym which he seemed to love.  I loved that he was around other kids and that he was getting outs TONS of energy.  We happened to go for the first time during member appreciation so we were told we could come and try the classes for free multiple times. Only problem is that the classes for his age group all seem to fall during his nap time so there was no real consistent schedule for us there.  Sometime we could make it, sometimes not.  Then they have an 830 Saturday class, which is just not something I could commit to.  Mama needs her sleep!!

But we have found a solution and at a way lower cost!  Our local community center offers tons of classes for kids Parkers age.  Twice a week they have an hour class called Tumble Rama.  An entire gym is set up and looks like an exact replica of Little Gym with all the bells and whistles and even more!  What makes it even better is that there is no registering and its come and go and $5/class!

To say he loves it would be an understatement.  They really do not have a structure to it, kinda do what you want and he runs all over, climbing on anything he can and today he just screamed (his happy/excited) scream the entire time!  There are tons of kids his age there and it is so fun to watch him interact with them.  His best friend Rocco goes to this class too, which makes it even more exciting for him!

I am so excited we found this class.  The timing, the set up, and the smile it puts on  P's face make it perfect!!

Between this class and story time at the library P now has 3 busy days per week!  Which makes for really nice naps...which make this mommy happy!!

Here are some pics from his class today (iphone pics so not the best!)!

yes...he is smearing his drool on the bounce pad!

waiting for class with a little friend

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Product of the week: hair potion

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Linking up with Tiffanie and Aly for their Product of the week!

This weeks product is Avedas Pure Abundance Hair Potion!

I have not shared this on the blog yet, but two weeks ago I chopped a little over 6 inches off my hair! 
It is me!

With it being shorter it definately need a little umph!!  This product is amaze!  You sprinkle it at your roots...rub it a little and have instant volume and texture!

I like to put it towards the back of my crown and under my bang area (they are long and swept to the side).  If gives them a ton of volume and keeps them from getting that flat stringy look!

I will note that in my hair at least it does leave it to be a little oily the following day.  But then again, thats what dry shampoo is for...right??

Do you have a favorite product you would like to share?  Go link up with Tiff and Aly and let us know!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

14 Months!

My sweet Parker is 14 months old today!  I decided now that he is a year I was going to take his monthly post to every other month! 

I just cannot believe how big he is getting.  Changes everyday!  I have had quite a few ppl comment over the past few weeks how mature he is starting to look and how he is losing that "baby" look.  Although I know its true, it breaks my heart.  Where has the time gone?

Parker is so active and always on the go.  I do not know where he gets his energy from...bc little man still isnt a huge fan of food!  He keeps me busy and on my toes and I love it!  Here are some things about Parker at 14 months!

-He is a monkey...climbing everywhere.  This child has no fear.  He climbs out of his car to get on his slide or onto the couch, ontop of the furniture, onto chairs...anything he can climb he does!  Makes me so nervous!

-He is running!  And those little legs are fast...didnt get that from his momma! ha!

-He LOVES books!  When he gets up in the morning he goes straight to his book basket and sits down!  We read the same books over and over again all day!

-He is not a fan of being in the shopping cart or his stroller.  He thinks since he can walk...he should always walk.  That means sometimes to keep him from screaming, there are times we are in the store for twice as long bc I let him walk.  It is so cute though!

-He is talking/babbling all the time.  He says Mama, Dada, tickle, bye bye, hot, bubble and mee(which I am pretty certain is milk as he only seems to say it when he wants his milk or sees me pouring it.) 

-He is no longer taking a bottle.  All sippy cups!  It was a really easy transition for him.  I think it was harder on me.  I just slowly took away one bottle at a time and he never seemed to mind.

-He has not taken a paci in about 3 or so months.  I didnt take it from him he just stopped using it on his own.  Keeping my fingers crossed he doesnt go to the thumb!

-Still doesnt love food as I mentioned, but each day gets bettter and better.  He has found a serious LOVE for garden veggie burgers and if that is the only way he wants to get his protein and vegetables...I will just have to be okay with that for now!

-His crib mattress is now sitting on the bedframe(the lowest setting) more cute bedskirt :(  This little monkey was about to climb out so we had to lower it.  Now I can barely reach him if he is laying down!!

You amaze me and your daddy everyday!  You are so sweet and your laugh melts my heart.  I completely melt each time you squint those beautiful eyes and give me your biggest teeth baring grin!  I cannot believe how quickly you are growing up.
We love you so much!