Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BIG News...


Even as I type this it still doesn't ring true!  I think I am in a state of shock.

Let start from the beginning.  February 2008 (newlyweds of 7 months) and Wayne calls me to tell me he was given an amazing opportunity at work and we were moving to Georgia.  SAY WHAT?
The tears started to flow and although I was so happy for him, I was selfishly devistated.
I stormed out of work, got in my car called my dad and cried.

Georgia?, the idea of ever leaving my home state (the BEST state) never even crossed my mind.  I was content with being there for the rest of my life.  Its where my friends were and most importantly it is where my family was...both of our families are.  Its my safe place, my home and what I knew.

But I sucked it up (being the absolutely amazing wife I am) and we packed our bags 30 days later and moved to GA.  It took a little while to get settled, we started to make some friends and things were going good.  Of course I missed home but we were able to visit fairly frequently and many of our family and friends would come visit.  I just thought of this as a temporary step for him and thought we would stay there for awhile and then they would transfer him back to the corporate offices in TX.
Well after 18 months we got more news....

Wayne came home and let me know that he had been offered a promotion (Im thinking yay...$$$$) then he says, and we will have to move to New Jersey.

My heart went to my stomach as the thoughts of guidos, table flippers, hair gel and youz guyz rushed through my head.  He then told me that he told them he needed to talk to me to see how I felt.
Well what do you say?  Of course I don't want to move to Jersey...but I am going to support my husband no matter what.  So after he bought me a new Louis (I am quite skilled in bribery) we packed up and moved to the NE...we ended up buying in PA...Jersey is expensive friends and their taxes...lets just say CRAZY!!

So here we are in PA for the past 3 years.  By far the hardest 3 years of my life.
I have experienced some of the greatest losses during our time here, but also the most amazing little blessing.
Parker was born here, he had his first playdate here, he did so many first in this house.  Those memories will always stick with me and make PA special.
But will they ever make me sad to leave...not one bit!
LITTLE MAN needs his family, and so does his Mama!

So as of right now it looks like we will be making the move in August!
We could not be more thrilled and I could not be more proud of my sweet husband.
We should be heading down in the next week or so to start the house hunt, so keep us in your prayers that all goes smoothly and that we find the perfect home for our little family!

And while I would do it over again if he needed me to, I do plan to forever use "I moved all over the country for you" as a rebuttal for all future arguments!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dad Love

Wayne is the such a wonderful husband and even more amazing father.  One of the things I am most thankful for is that Parker has him as his daddy.  He is amazing with him.  So patient, so kind and always putting a smile on his precious face.
When they are together, its like no one else is in the room!
I love seeing them play and laugh!

Happy Father's Day babe, we are both blessed!

Happy Father's day to our dads too.
We are both so blessed to have such amazing fathers in our lives who have set such wonderful examples for us and what kind of parents we strive to be.
Thank you for always being there for us and supporting us!

We love you!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Twenty is my favorite number at the moment!  
Why you ask...because as of yesterday morning I am down 201bs since January 5th!!!

I give all of my thanks to this to Zumba and the MyFitnessPal app!!
Of course I have to take some credit as I am making myself go workout and using this app everyday!!

I am still not at my goal (are we ever?), but I am happy with where I have come in the past six months and have no intentions of stopping.

Honestly when I look at myself I don't really see much difference.  I can tell in clothes and Wayne tells me he notices, but sometimes I feel like he has to say that or he would be sleeping on the back porch!!  When I did make it home to see my girlfriends in TX in April they all commented, and of course that made me feel good and kept me motivated!!

I of course never have pictures of me, bc I am always the designated picture taker.  I am also not the brave girl who documents pictures of her weightloss in a bikini or anything like that....not I!!

So today I am boasting and bragging and may even go buy myself a little gift!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

18 months!

I cannot believe my sweet boy is already 18 months old!!  We have not been to the doc yet, so I do not know his stats but he sure is looking alot taller to me lately!!

Some things about Parker at 18 months...

Still sleeping like a champ!  Goes down at 730 and wakes up anywhere from 830-9.
Takes one nap a day for about 2-3 hours.

We have finally started to cut the final four teeth(canines), but they sure are taking their time.
They do not seem to be bothering you too much (knock on wood)!

You are wearing 12-18 month in your shirts, but for shorts you are still in 9-12 months.
Size 6-7 shoe depending on which kind or brand.

You are OBSESSED with anything with wheels.  You have a car/truck/train in your hands at all times, sometimes all three!  You love to drive them all over the house saying "vrooom"!

You still love books and are constantly reading.

You also LOVE being outside.  Even if we are just walking around!  I can hardly let the dog out these days without you making a b-line for the door!
You favorite things are driving around in your truck, climbing UP your slide, splashing in your pool and in your water table!

Whenever I say "Parker, lets go"  you run to the front door and attempt to open it!  
You love going "bye bye"!

When it comes to food you are still very picky.  We have a speech therapist who is coming to work with you once a week.  At first she swore it wasn't a texture issue (mommy swore it was), but after weeks of food journaling and little experiments with your meals, its seems that it is.  
She said she is going to figure you out!!!!
Mommy cannot wait bc I am so ready for you to eat more than 5 things!!

As well as the eating issue we are also having the speech therapist work with you on talking.
I was becoming a little stressed that you are not talking as much as some other kids.  I know I should never compare, but sometimes its hard.
She said you are so ready to just let all the words flow and you just need someone to light a little fire under your behind!!  (I will do a seperate post on this soon)

When it comes to words you say:
Mama, Dada, Bella (Beya),  hot, bubble, ball, uh-oh, duck, choo, bye bye, car and tickle 
On your nightly phone chat with your Nana this week you finally said Nana too! 
She was so excited!
When I ask you what a pig says you snort!  Its hilarious!

You are the sweetest most kind hearted little boy. 
Seeing the way you interact with us and with your friends makes me so proud! 
Everything you do melts my heart, especially when you crawl up in my lap just to plant a big kiss on my lips!
Or when you see me from afar and blow me a kiss!
I have no idea what I ever did without you and am so blessed to be your Mommy.

So now that you are officially a year and half will you please consider slowing down a little.
I have accepted 18 months, but 24 months is going to make this mommy a sobbing mess!