Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Parker's Lovin...

Here is what my little man is loving this week!!

He is lovin...this cooler weather and being strapped into his jogging stroller and enjoying long walks with mommy!!

He is lovin...this VTech Walker.  He takes this thing and walks behind it back and forth through the family room.  He loves it.  He also stays entertained with all the buttons/gadgets too!

He is lovin...this Fisher Price Farm that his Nana and Grandpa sent him.  There are so many different activities on here and when we show him where to put things he is starting to follow our lead and do it himself.  Opening the door and crawling in and out seems to be his favorite! 

He is lovin...The Bubble Guppies.  He really does not stay too focused on tv...but while we are playing I always like to have it on for sound or have on of his CD's playing.  When Bubble Guppies theme song comes on, he stops, faces the tv and gets the biggest smile on his face.  He loves it!  I have been recording the episodes and it really is a cute show!!

Well I am off to enjoy all my little mans loves with him!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Very Pinteresting Vol II

Still trying to be crafty over here!!
With all of the fun ideas I find on Pinterest, how can I not be?!?
My 2nd DIY project was to do my own apotecary seen here...

Here is what I needed to complete this project...I do not have step by step pics as I just did here and there over the past week while little man napped!!

 plus ribbon of your choice

here is the final product!!
I love them and cannot wait to change them up or each holiday!!
I will fill them with candy corn when Halloween gets closer...if I put it in there now they will be empty by Halloween and my diet will be completely ruined!!

Off to find my next project!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's the simple things

Happy Thursday!! 
Today I am joining Jesslyn Amber for her weekly "It's the simple things in life".
- the sound of my sweet baby boy babbling and giggling
-a good cup of coffee
-snuggling up on the couch with my boys on a cold rainy day
-finding out sweet friends are expecting!
-how my hair feels after a hair cut...
(why can I never get it to look and feel that way?)
-when you go check out and find out what your are buying is on SALE!

If you haven't already, head over and visit Jesslyn Amber and link up!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I'm Lovin....on Pinterest!

This week I am linking up for my first time with Michelle over at the The Vintage Apple, for her "Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday"!  I will also be linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for her "What I'm Lovin Wednesday".

So here we go with a What I'm Lovin on Pinterest post!!!

For those of you who are not yet using pinterest, you should definately check it out!!  But is very addicting!

I am really lovin... this grey and turquoise...

with coral to

I am lovin...all things candy corn!

Source: via Missy on Pinterest

I am lovin...this quote!  Hilarious and may or may not have intrigued me to pour a glass!

I am lovin...easy crockpot meals.  Found this recipe on Pinterest and it is what is for dinner in our house tonight!  I'll let y'all know how it comes out!

I am lovin, lovin, lovin...this kitchen.  I mean seriously...where do I sign up?

Source: via Missy on Pinterest

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Monday, August 15, 2011

We live in a...

daycare that has been completely covered in primary colors.

 his basket of toys which is usually dumped everywhere
within a few minutes of him still in tact in this picture!

I always thought I would be the one to keep all the toys hidden away unless it was play time.  I am not.  He loves them and plays non stop, so I leave them out.  But now our family room has turned into an official daycare.  And while at times it drives me crazy constantly having "stuff" everywhere.  I would not trade it for the world! 

The living room is still toy I escape in there every so often with a good book and relax!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Big Time!

I just LOVE how proud he is of himself!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Next excited

So I may or may not be scared to death to stay at home alone.  We live in a wonderful neighborhood and have an alarm system, but when the hubby travels I do not tend to sleep!

So last night while I sat up trying to figure out exactly how I was going to take down any bad guys and get Parker, myself and the dog out of the house safely.  I decided to get on Pinterest and get my mind fixed on something a little more productive.

Anyhow I went a little crazy "pinning" photo ideas for Park's one year pics last night and fell in love with this...

Source: Loves of Life via Missyhj

Well this morning P and I headed out for our walk (in 68 degree weather!).  Much to our suprise it was neighborhood garage sale day(which comes once a year) so needless to say it was a mad house.  As we swirved in and out of the crazy garage salers, I took a quick moment to look up and this is what I was calling my name!  And for $20...I had to take it.  The sweet couple held it for me so I went back this afternoon to pick it up.

I am thinking a bright baby blue...what do you think?  Or maybe a light green?  Either way I definately know that I want light green and light blue balloons with it.  So I am going to test some different paint colors this weekend!

Cannot wait to show you the final product and more than that I cannot wait to see my sweet boy in this for a few of his 1 year pics...I cannot believe his first bday is in less than 4 months!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A little off!

So I have just been informed that today is in fact Tuesday...not Wednesday.  You could have fooled me!

So I now feel silly not only bc I just bought a bottle of wine for tonight to watch Big Brother, but I also posted my What I'm Lovin Wednesday post (I was wondering why This Kind of Love had not posted yet for me to link up)

Well I am now off to enjoy the rest of my Tuesday! 

Guess I am just ready for this week to be over!!

via Pintrest

What I'm Lovin...

I am lovin... this bat costume.  We have been teetering between a couple Halloween options, but I think this is going to be what Parker wears for his first Halloween!!
Puffy Bat Costume via PB Kids

While we are on the subject of Halloween I am LOVIN these.  Found them on Pintrest and they are my next DIY project.  Stay tuned...
Change it up a little for Christmas...

 I am lovin...that my friend Lindsay came to stay with us for a long weekend!!  Parker loves his Aunt Lindsay and it was a nice little break for me too!  It is such a special feeling to see how much my friend loves my little guy.  She was all about doing everything with him...she fed him, played with him, put him to bed, etc.  She can come back anytime!! ;)

I am lovin...that we are going to Musikfest this weekend with friends.  We went last year (I was almost 6 months preggo)  and it was fun but HOT!  So excited for a fun day and adult beverages!!

I am SERIOUSLY LOVIN...this Rooftop Mojito.   I enjoyed a few of these at MELT this past weekend.  This mojito substitues Basil for the usual mint and has strawberries, limes, Bacardi Dragon Berry rum and simple was delicious!
via my phone...sorry I don't have a better pic

And of course I am LOVIN...this precious little guy!
image taken by

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Very Pinteresting!!

So in my efforts to become a little more crafty, I have decided to try to make a few of my pinned DIY items each month(we will see how this goes!)

My first crafty attempt was making tile coasters!!

I saw these, thought they were cute and they looked project one was chosen!

First pinned by Lindsay 'Tam' Schmitz onto Craft Day Ideas.

So I went out to get my supplies.  All I needed was 4 ceramic tiles, scrapbook paper, modge podge and acrylic spray paint...sounds easy enough!

They were super easy...
-just cut the paper to size of tile
-modge podge paper to tile, let dry
-spray with acrylic, let dry
- and DONE...except adding of felt cirlces to bottom as to not scratch furniture!!(I forgot these and had to go back out!)

And is the final product!  Not too shabby!  

So excited about them...and then my hubby informed me he HATES tile coasters bc water just sits on them.  I just smiled and told him to make his own coasters then!! ;)

Off to Pinterest to find my next DIY!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

8 months!

Sweet Parker you are 8 months old today!!

At 8 months you are already keeping your mommy and daddy on our toes!!

-you are crawling everywhere and you are so fast!! 

-you started pulling yourself up and standing (while holding onto something).  so now, you are no longer happy sitting want to be standing to play, watch Mickey Mouse, get your clothes changed, etc.  If I would let you, you would eat and bathe standing up too!

-you babble constantly.  you said Dada for the first time last week and it was such a special moment.  now you say it all the time when you are not saying babababa!

-you do a great job at feeding yourself items like puffs.  we are always watching bc you are quick to get items you shouldnt in your mouth too. (bellas dog food has been was his go to place!) 

-you are eating three meals a day and 4 bottles.  we just started you on meats this week (I apologize...they look and smell horrible)  you do not seem to love them, so I mix them in with your veggies!

-you went on your first family vacation to Cayman and swam in the ocean for the first time and LOVED it!

-we have decided that we are doing a sock monkey theme for your first birthday!  i am still in disbelief that is only 4 months away..let the planning begin!

This weekend we packed up your swing and little lamb bouncy chair.  I cried.  But we have to make room for all of your new big boy toys!

You are becoming such a big boy.  It is so fun to see grow and learn each day. You constantly have me and your Dada smiling and laughing and looking at you in amazement.  These have by far been the best 8 months of our lives!
We love you!!