Thursday, March 7, 2013

There names will be...

We are no longer refering to our sweet girls as Baby A and Baby B!
We now call them by their names, Reese and Morgan!!!
Reese (baby a) Morgan (baby b)
It took us a little time to finalize on names, but I LOVE them!! 
We always seem to have a little trouble when it comes to girl names.  When we were pregnant with Parker we never came up or agreed on a girl name and this time around we had boy names set once again.
So we sat down made a list and started to narrow it down...we only had 4 names, so it didnt take too long.  Reese had been a favorite of mine from the start and Morgan a favorite of Waynes.  See aside from being a double blessing, twins allow each of us to get our favorite!! 
Diane is my sisters name and also the middle name of my sister in law, so I  had always thought I would use it if we ever had a little girl.  Kate was one of our favorite names, but we would have used the name Kathryn and called her Kate.  Since I have a cousin on each side of my family named Kathryn and a great Aunt, we chose to just use Kate as a middle.
I love being able to refer to my sweet girls by their names now! 
Let the monogramming begin!