Thursday, July 28, 2011

4 years

Today my hubby and I celebrate 4 years of marriage.  I cannot believe how fast these four years have flown by, our wedding still seems like yesterday. 
Since we got married, our lives have definately been crazy...we have gone from Texas, to Georgia, to now living in PA.  But there is no one else I would have rather taken this journey with.  
The biggest blessing to come in these four years is our beautiful baby boy!
I am so lucky to have been blessed with such an amazing man who is not only my best friend, but an amazing father to our son. 
 I am so thankful each day that our friends (Derek and Jessica) thought to set us up 8 years ago! 
Wayne proposing

Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband!
These 4 years have been amazing,  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have been following Tripp's story for awhile now.  He is such a beautiful little boy with one amazing personality.  His Mom, Courtney is pretty amazing too and I completely admire her strength and faith.  I honestly do not know if I could ever be so strong.

Right now sweet Tripp, his mom and their family need your prayers.

Please follow his story here and pray hard for this precious little guy!

Hug your babies extra tight tonight.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Cayman Islands

Cayman has always been one of my favorite vacation spots, but this trip was more amazing than I could have planned!  Vacations are always great, but a vacation with the most amazing family ever only makes it that much better! 

Parker had a blast and absolutely loved the water!  He could have floated out in the ocean all day and he loved the sand in his toes!
We had so much fun spending time with our Caymanian family!  They were so generious as always and hosted us to fabulous dinners and lunches.  I was so excited for Wayne and Parker to finally get to meet my family there and for Wayne to enjoy the yummy food!    We ate too much...conch, turtle, crab, wahoo, snapper, mahi, curry chicken, beef and peppers, patties, the list goes on.  Definately time to hit the gym, but it was oh so good!!
We spent most of our days laying on the beach and floating in the ocean.  The guys went deep sea fishing one afternoon and the ladies took that time to head into town for some shopping!  We also spent a day going to Sting Ray City, a guided snorkel excursion and to see the Starfish.  Mom stayed home with Park this day as we didnt want him out on the boat or in the direct sun for that extended period of time.  I held a sting ray which I had never done before(screamed most of the time).
We also went to visit the Turtle Farm and a little visit to Hell!  Parker did not know what to think about the turtles.  He would look at them and then quickly look away.  Wayne held a small one and Park just stared and looked confused!
We also enjoyed a night out to dinner sans baby!  Some of my family stayed at the condos one night and cooked out and offered to keep Parker so we could enjoy a nice dinner.  We dined out at some great resturants while we were there, so if any of you plan to head to the islands, I have some great referals!!
 The last night there we did family pics with all 18 of our immediate family members.  Then I took individual photos of each family.  I think they came out pretty good!  Here is my family and a pic of my parents with Sweet Parker.   He loves his Nana and Grandpa!!
Well I could probably go on for hours!  We decided that 7 days just is not long enough.  With so much to do and so much family to visit with we definately need 10-14 days when we visit next!

Well as much fun as we had it is nice to be home and getting back to our daily lives.  Park got a little off schedule while there so we are still trying to get him adjusted to being home.

Hope you all have a great week!

Videos of Parker

We are back from Cayman and had a fabulous time!  We are already planning another trip for next year!  Parker had a blast and LOVES the water! 

We are busy now getting laundry done and getting ready to head to Fort Worth on Thursday so Parker can visit his MiMi and PaPa!  He has not seen his PaPa since he was a few days old and his MiMi since he was 2 weeks old, so he is very excited!! 

Here are two videos I got of P while in Cayman.  One is of his first dip in the ocean and the other of him trying to get Carsons jetski!  If only he was a little bigger!

sorry for my video skills...i tend to look around and move the camera with me! ha

Friday, July 8, 2011

Standing tall...well sorta!

Not sure why this uploaded so blurry :(

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm Lovin!!

I am loving... this Pineapple Cilantro Yankee Candle...seriously whoever is responsible for this scent rocks! 

I am loving... that I leave Saturday morning for the Cayman Islands!!  I have been anxiously awaiting this vacation!  So excited for sun, relaxation and LOTS of family!

I am loving...this little seersucker crab outfit that my mom got P.
Thanks to GiGiBabies.  She has such cute stuff and has a facebook page too with more appliques! 
Love my baby boy in some seersucker!

I am loving...that Big Brother comes back on tomorrow night!  Wayne and I both love this show!!

I am loving... this image so much that I had to steal it from my friend Orlagh's blog.  Isn't it great???

I am loving...these two of course!  They make my life complete!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

7 Months Old

The months continue to fly by!!!

Parker just continues to grow up right before or eyes (insert tear)!

He is such a handful these days and we are absolutely loving every minute of it!

Some things going on with our little man this month are...

-He started sitting up on his own a few weeks ago.  It is so fun to see him sitting up playing...its like he is a big boy!!  Until this past week we would have to sit him up and he would stay up and balanced.  Now he can sit himself up.  Out of the blue I look over and he had gone from back to bottom.  It is so cute to walk into his room in the morning and he is just sitting up waiting for us!

-He is pretty close to having this crawling thing down.  He goes little bit, fall, then thrust himself forward.  It is so funny to watch and although it is not a full crawl, it gets him around and FAST!

-He went swimming yesterday for the first time and seemed to love it.  He really enjoyed splashing around, but mostly just enjoyed laying back and relaxing and kicking his little legs around!

-Started Stage 2 baby food and he loves it.  Im not gonna lie, I have tried some of them and they are yummy!!!  He is still having two meals a day, fruit and cereal in the morning and fruit, veggie and cereal in the evening.

-It has become a little more of a fight to get him to finish his bottles now that he is eating meals.  He has gone from around 24oz per day to around 18.  Any suggestions?

-We started with the puffs a couple weeks ago.  At first he made the funniest face and was completely confused as to what they were.  Now he loves them.  When he sees me get them out he just sits there with his mouth open! 

-He has figured out how to scream and he loves doing it!  Its a cute squeely scream and I love it. 

-He laughs all the time and it is so contagious and the most beautiful sound ever.  He is such a happy baby!
Happy 7 months sweet boy!  Where did the time go?  Your daddy and I love you very much!  You are such a blessing and such a happy little boy!  Your smile melts my heart and your laughter makes me complete!  Although we get sad that you are growing up so quickly, we love that each day brings something new and love watching you reach new milestones.  Just promise no matter how big you get, you will always need your Mommy!!

We love you!