Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just stopping by...

Just wanted to say hi to all you out there who still stop by to see if we are still alive! 
We are!

Life has been crazy to say the least and the first thing neglected is this little ol blog!!

We were in TX the first weeks of July house hunting!  We found a home and move in next Thursday! (fingers crossed, you know how things go when it comes to closing dates and such...BIG pain!)

Once we got home from Texas we had around a week and we headed off to The Cayman Islands for a much needed 10 day vacay!!  Of course the whole move happens around our vacation, but we did our best to forget about everything going on back home and enjoy ourselves!

Park had an absolute blast and loved the sand, ocean and sun!  
The pool was his favorite stomping ground though...he preferred water that didn't burn his pretty baby blues!

While we were there, me and my wonderful hubby celebrated 5 years of marriage!!
So blessed to have him in my life!

We left on Monday and it was horrible, because I left Parker there with my parents (he is in Houston now).
It broke my heart to leave him.  But we planned it this way so he didn't have to come back to PA and deal with the movers being here, packing, loading and then staying in a hotel for a few nights before we make the 2 day drive with the dog.  I wont see my baby until August 9th and I break down in tears each time I think about it.  Luckily we have been so busy that the days since we have been back have been flying by.

Keep looking at this pic of us on vacation and longing for our snuggle sessions!

Well the movers came today and the entire upstairs is packed and most of the downstairs.  Tomorrow they come and do the basement, garage and kitchen and they load and head out on Friday.

We will be here until Tuesday.  We leave that morning and start the drive.
My parents are meeting us at the new house with the Parkman on Thursday!  

See....told you there was alot going on!!

Please send prayers our way for a smooth move, safe travels and for the days to fly by so we can see our baby boy!

Also if you know anyone wanting to move to PA, we have a fabulous house on the market and we would LOVE for them to buy it!!!