Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat.

He is definately a treat!

We did not get to go out and Trick or Treat this year since our little bat is a little under the weather and the temps here are just too chilly at night!

He did give us a couple minutes (literally 2) where he allowed us to take his picture.  Not feeling well + photo shoot is not a good combo!

But at the end of the day, smiles or no smiles, looking at the camera or not...he is the still the cutest little bat I have ever seen!

he just wanted to play with his toys

He did have a good time helping Mommy and Daddy handout candy to the neighborhood kids!

headed to answer the door

trying to get his hands on the candy bowl

Our local fire department and police officers also drove around the neighborhood with their lights going handing out candy to the kids.  Parker thought watching them drive by was pretty exciting too!!

We are looking forward to a stuffy nose free Halloween next year....hopefully back in Texas!!

Hope you all had a great Halloween!!

Happy Halloween

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!  Hoping my little bat feels well enough this evening to put his costume on, if not for the trick or treaters at least for some pics!!   

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This and That

-Been a little MIA from blogging!  Laptop got sick (screen issue) and is with the Geek Squad and our desktop in the office had crashed a few months ago.  Finally went this weekend and bought a new one and should hopefully have the laptop back at the start of next week!

-The weather here is definately cooling off.  This Saturday we even have a chance of snow flurries!  NO!
I am not ready for the snow.  Also we have Park's one year pics/family pics scheduled for Sat...outside!  Hoping whatever is heading our way either passes quickly or heads another direction!

-Been super busy getting everything ready for Parker's birthday party and his Baptism.  Both exciting festivities are happening the same weekend in Houston!  We are super excited but planning from another state is slightly stressful!  But I have been getting a ton of help back home, so that is very much appreciated!!  It will all be worth it when we are able to share these special times with our families!

-Parker went to his first Little Gym class yesterday and he seemed to LOVE it!  I cannot wait for his next class!  Have any of you taken you little ones to Little Gym?  If so, how do you like it?

-I forgot to share some exciting news!  Parker is FINALLY saying Mama!  Yes I waited 10 long months for this!  Now he says it all the time and I LOVE!  So his words are DaDa, MaMa, ticka ticka (tickle tickle) and baba

- little guy also has 5 teeth now!  Front top and bottom and now his Upper Right Lateral (did you catch that Lauren?  Proud??)  I have noticed that with this new tooth coming through he has been more fussy that he was with the others. 

-we are going to a Halloween party Saturday night and I still have no idea what I am going to be...I really do not LOVE dressing up!  Since Wayne is in Vegas this week, I guess I have to find him a costume too.  I was thinking a vampire since Park is going to be a bat...but the vain girl inside me wont allow myself to be anything that require fangs or pale makeup!  Any ideas?

-family members have started to ask me what Parker wants for his birthday and Christmas.  I really am not sure what to tell them.  Honestly we buy him every fun toy we family room looks like a daycare!  What are some of your favorite toys for one year olds and up??

-have any of you ever heard of CAbi(Carol Anderson by invitation)?  Well I went to a CAbi party and was not sure what to expect.  It like a Stella and Dot or something but with clothes.  They had some really cute stuff...all a little pricey, but very cute!  I got two tops and I am so ready for them to get here!!  I think I want to host a party.  If any of you Houston girls do, let me know.  The rep at the party I attended was so sweet and super cute!

Well I guess that is all that is going on around here!  I am so exhausted and cannot think of anything else.  No breaks this week with the hubby gone and not sleeping well means one tired mommy who is ready for Friday!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

All trimmed up!

While we were in Houston we took Parker for his first "official" haircut.  I have been trimming his hair here and there since he was a month old.  So glad I trimmed it up then, bc now I have those dark brown locks saved!!  A few months ago there was a little incident between Parker and the baby scissors and it was all Mommy's fault.  After that I retired my scissors and gave up on my haircutting skills!!

Saturday morning before we headed to Galveston for a wedding, Wayne, Park, my parents, my sister and myself headed to the kids haircut place to get our little guy trimmed up!

He was getting a little too shaggy over the ears and there was a mini mullet beginning in the back!!  I didnt let them trim the front bc I am just not ready for him to completely look like a big boy!

Here are some pics!  He did great!

**(Please excuse ME....I had no makeup on and was looking a HOT MESS!)**

waiting for his turn

he was super excited!

he got to sit in a fire truck like his PaPa

after a few minutes he was over the fire truck and wanted to be held

with KayKay who cut his hair!  She was so sweet!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Girls Weekend

My first weekend in Texas I had a girls weekend in Fredericksburg with my lifelong besties!  We have all been friends since elementary and before and after going off to different colleges, living in different cities, marriages and babies, we are all still best friends and I am so blessed to have each and every one of these ladies in my life!!

We headed to Fredericksburg on Friday night and enjoyed wine and appy's at the house while we just caught up and know fun girl stuff!

Saturday, despite the rain we headed to main street for shopping, drinks and a little TX/OU football.  After watching a little of what proved to be a very disappointing game, we headed to the wineries!  Big thanks to sweet Amber for being our DD!  She is preggo with her 2nd sweet baby girl and still had a blast with us and drove us around!!

These are a few pics from our weekend...wish I would have taken more!!

It was such a great weekend and I miss everyone already!!  Time to start planning Girls Trip 2012!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I'm Lovin/Oh how Pinteresting!!!

Linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for her What I'm Loving Wednesday link up and Michelle at The Vintage Apple for the Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!  A little combo of what I am lovin right now...on Pinterest!!

I am lovin...these outfits

(Minus the earrings!)

Source: None via Missy on Pinterest

I am lovin... these accessories!

Source: None via McKenna on Pinterest

I am lovin...these finds too!

Happy Wednesday Ladies!  Me and my little man are headed to Texas, couldn't be more excited!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall in Love: Warm and Cozy

Linking up with Heather over at Big City Belle for her Fall In Love series!  I LOVE this link up!! 

This week I am craving all things warm and cozy.  The temps here have started to drop and we are getting prepared to head into winter.  Although it will be our 3rd winter in the NE, it is still quite an adjustment for us southerners!!

This blanket....both warm and cozy.  Yes, please!

Source: None via Kelsey on Pinterest

Warm and cozy spaces

A sweater scarf combo...I need!

I warmed up just looking at this photo!

Feet by the fire...with a great pair of socks!

Of course keeping Park warm and cozy this winter will be first and foremost!

(I want one of these outfits for myself!!)
Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Fall!!

This weekend while Wayne's parents were here, we took Parker to the pumpkin patch at Klein Farms.

We had such a good time and it is such a cute little farm....minus the smells from the farm animals of course!!

Look at the beautiful fall colors...I love Mums on my doorstep in the fall!

Here is our little guy on his first hayride!!  Was not sure what to think and spent most of the time staring at the little boy sitting next to us!

After the hayride we took him to see all the farm animals.  The cows were eating and mooing and Parker just stared at them.  I can only imagine how huge they looked through his eyes!

Due to lots of rain here lately, we opted out of the corn maze this year for P!  He could care less and I didn't want muddy shoes or a muddy stroller!

We got a few pumpkins and I am excited to decorate with them.  We may carve one, but I think its gonna be a no carve pumpkin decoration kind of year!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

10 Months! (a day late)

Parker you are 10 months old...double digits.  I had no ideas this year would go by so fast.

You are such a joy and each day with you is so exciting and so amazing watching you grow and learn!

At 10 months you have been taking steps like crazy.  You will take 3-4 steps and then fall.  You get so excited and have such pride on your face.  I am pretty sure you will be walking soon!

You will stand alone for longer periods of time. 

You still really just say DaDa.  There have been flukes with other words, but nothing constant.

You love to wave but definately will not do it on command!!

You have 4 teeth now (2 top, 2 bottom).  We waited 9 months for these babies to show and they all decided to come in a 48 hour period!!  It is so cute to see you flash those pearly whites!

You laugh all the time and there is nothing more contagious than the sound of you giggling.

You love going to the park and swinging and going down the slide.  Once you figured out that we could hold your hands and let you go down the slide alone, you no longer find going down with us too fun!

We have had to take out the bumper from your crib bc you were using it to try to climb out and we have had to add a bumper to the top because you have decided that teething on the crib was a good idea!

You are still wearing mostly 6-9 months clothing and are in a size 3 diaper.

You go to bed at 7 each night and wake up at 7/730 each morning.  You are such a happy baby in the morning.  We love coming into your room and seeing you with the biggest grin on your face!!

You still take 4 - six ounce bottles a day.  We have tried to make it 3 - ounce, but you are not having it.  You eat 2 meals each day and have snack time mid day.  I try to a little lunch but you never want to eat that time of day.

You are so amazing and I am so blessed to be your mommy and watch you learn and grow each day.  I a so proud of my baby boy and I love you more than you will ever know!!

Happy 10 Months!!