Sunday, January 30, 2011


I still just stare at him and think, "I can't believe he is mine!!"

Friday, January 28, 2011

1/27/ are up to NO good!

{WARNING:  Its a long one}

Oh yesterday...what a horrible day.

I awoke to Wayne screaming my name.  It was the most horrible sound ever and I cannot seem to get it out of my head.  I keep hearing it over and over again.  It sends chills through my body.

I shot out of bed, grabbed Parker and ran downstairs to find Wayne lying on the kitchen floor by the door to the garage.  As I got closer I noticed his right foot was pretty much turned backwards {I wanted to pass out}.  He had stepped on a hidden patch of ice under the snow and had a serious fall.  The WORST part of it all is when he fell he was outside alone, no me, no neighbors, no one.  He laid there screaming and finally realized he was going to have to pull himself up the driveway, thru the garage and into the house.  Knowing this broke my heart.  I cannot even imagine doing that, being in so much pain.

I laid Parker on the couch, knelt down to try and console Wayne and find out what happened, dialed 911 and YELLED at them to get here and called my neighbor to take care of Parker...all of this in about 1 minute.  After all this I realized I had no pants or bra on, so I ran upstairs to get dressed before everyone arrived!  I didnt want to scare anyone!!

The EMTs and police were here with minutes and my sweet neighbor Jen did high knees through the yard {which currently consist of about 3 feet of snow} and was also here in just a few short minutes.

The EMTs were all a little shocked by the sight of Waynes foot and even more shocked that he was inside.  Their first queston was "How did you get in here".  When we told them their eyes enlarged!  They got him on the board, iv'd up and off to the hospital we went!!

When we got to the ER they got Wayne on more pain meds, oxygen and assessed everything.  They took him in for an xray to see what exactly they were dealing with and poor Wayne needed more meds when they were done with that...ouch!  The xray showed that Wayne had broken his ankle in 3 places...both sides and in the back. {the tibia, fibula and I forget the other}

They decided the first step was to reset his ankle into the correct position.  Of course with all of my medical experience I said..."so basically you are going to do what Callie does on Greys Anatomy?"  When they told me yes...I freaked out.  I cant even watch that on tv!

They told me it would be best for me to leave the room.  Not only would I not want to see this, but they were giving him a strong medicine known as truth serum that would possibly cause Wayne to say things he shouldn't!  Our nurse said it tends to cause fights so she recommends spouses leave.  I felt this was for the best too as I am the only one who is up here to care for Wayne, so the last thing he needed was to tick me off!!

I went to the waiting room and 15 minutes later they came for me...I went back and Wayne has no recollection of this event taking place!!  PTL!!

The ER docs told us at this point they would set him in a temporary cast, call the on call Ortho doc to set up a follow up for the following day and we would be on our way.  Not the case!

The on call Ortho doc happened to be in the ER and came to see Wayne immediately after they paged him {I felt like it was the twilight zone...when does anything happen quickly in an ER??}  After looking at his xrays he said there would be no going home and no waiting, Wayne was going into surgery that day. freaking out!!
I have a husband in the ER who I am being told is going into surgery.  I have a new baby whom I have never left at home with neighbors{who I trust and am so grateful for} but none the less I was still stressed bc I had again...never left him!  No family here and no idea what to do.  The doc told me it would be a few hours before they could get an OR so I should head home and get everything situated with Parker, shower and do what I needed to do.  I would have plently of time to get back before surgery.  So after debating what to do I headed home {less than 10 miles}.

I arrived home to a happy, full, smiling baby which gave me great relief.  I went upstairs to shower and get Parks things together.  When I got out of the shower I saw a missed call...the doc of course.  An OR opened and they were taking him into surgery.  I felt horrible.  Wayne went to surgery alone with no one there at the hospital with him. Again I was in tears!

I rushed and got back to the hospital as soon as I could.  Sat in the waiting room for what seemed like hours and the doc finally came out.  Said surgery could not have gone any better.  3 pins and a long recovery {3 months}, but he was a champ!!  He did mention that Wayne told him going into surgery that he was NOT staying at the hospital.  Men!!  So I was cleared to take him home later that night.

So here I home after my first night and day as a mother of a 8 week old and a 31 year old!!  If I thought I was house bound before...I am in for a big reality check!!  Wayne is definately home for 6 weeks.  He has already asked me around 5 times today "how in the heck are you a stay at home mom?  This is boring." ...its only day one buddy!!  This should be an interesting journey!!

So I am off to take care of my boys...Pray for me!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Update on Mr. Parker

Results of the echo were hole!

Thank you for the prayers!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Please Pass...Literally!!

As precious as it is, this is the face I saw most of this weekend.  A precious crying baby boy!  Mommy shed many tears as well!!

Parker has had a very bad bout of gas since Thursday evening.  His tummy will get as hard a rock, he pulls his little knees to his tummy and he screams. {and screams and screams}  I heard an entirely new cry this weekend and I would be willing to do anything to never hear it again.  My little guy is rarely fussy so it was hard to see him like this.

My heart broke everytime he was in pain and most night we just sat in bed, me rubbing his tummy and working his legs and we cried!  I think I got just about 6 hours of sleep ALL weekend.

So tonight I took a mommy night which consisted of Target and Starbucks!!  To make it even better, Jesse James by Cher came on just as I pulled out of the drive way and we all know this is my favorite song EVER to sing.  Its like the satellite radio knew just what I needed...a little solo karaoke!!

I am going to take him in to his doctor in the morning to see what if any advice they can give me.  Typically one would eliminate things from their diet or switch formula to find the culprit.  Since I am doing 50/50 breast milk and formula, it is double the work to narrow it down.  My body is slowy making more milk {pray that continues} but still not enough to satisfy him.  I pumped all day yesterday but did not nurse or feed him my milk to see if maybe it was me, but he was still gassy.  So I switched his formula.  I am hoping he does not have any form of milk allergy.

Today he seems a little better.  Slightly fussy, but leaps and bounds better than yesterday!

Tuesday morning he has his appointment with the Cardiologist for the echo.  If you would please send him some prayers that all is fine.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Wayne...Updated Version!

Today my better half celebrated his 31st Birthday! 

He took the day off work and we relaxed around the house, opened gifts and went out to dinner! 

Today for the first time I did not sing, "Happy Birthday dear Wayne" but instead "Happy Birthday dear Daddy!!!"  Wayne was holding Parker as I sang and he had the biggest smile on his face just staring up at Wayne! 

Here are a couple pics of my boys before we left for dinner!!

I am off to enjoy the rest of our evening!!

                                   Parker is constantly staring at his Daddy!

                                                             Bundled up and ready to head to dinner

Friday, January 7, 2011

Time Flies

First off...look at that face!  I know I am biased but I dont believe it gets any more precious than that!!  All that dark brown hair is slowly but surely turning blonde!! 

The past 5 weeks have by far been the most incredible yet exhausting weeks of my life.  They just seem to fly by and honestly some parts just seem like a blur.  I sure slight sleep deprevation has played a role in that!!

Things have been going great!   I really am so blessed and I stare at him all day and think just that!  I could watch him kick, sleep, coo and look around all day long. Most of the time that is exactly how I spend my days!!  It seems like everyday I notice something new about him!

Parker had his one month check-up yesterday.  He is now 10lbs 1oz and 21 1/2 inches.  In the 50th percentile for both height and weight!!  He is still in newborn diapers and clothes, but he is steadily growing!!

During his check-up the doctor heard what he feels is a Heart Murmur.   His doctor is sending us to a pediatric cardiologist on the 18th for an echo to be done.  He is pretty sure it is nothing for us to worry about but wants to have it checked out.  If this is the case we just pray that it closes on its own.  So please keep Parker in your prayers, that everything goes well on the 18th.

Speaking of PRAYERS...Parker has a friend named Preston who was born on January 4th and underwent open heart surgery yesteday January 6th.  Preston is the son of two of my college friends Tiffanie and Tony and was born with a congenital heart condition.  He defied the odds throughout pregnancy, at birth and now through surgery.  He is such a little fighter.  As of last updates he remains stable and the doctors are very happy with his progress...Praise the Lord!!  Please continue to keep sending prayers for this beautiful family! You can read their story and follow them through this journey at Pineapples-n-Pickles !
We are looking forward to our visit to Houston when we can meet this precious little guy!!

Here is another pic of my blue eyed baby!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

One Month

Our sweet little boy is already one month!  The past few weeks have flown by.  Everyday we fall more and more in love with him!!  He is such a blessing and such a good baby, we have been very lucky.

Here are a few things about Mr. Parker...

-He is sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night, which is very nice for Mommy and Daddy!!
-He loves to eat!!  We are nursing and supplementing with formula and he is doing great with both.  But dont be shocked when its time to burp and he gets MAD!
-He LOVES his swing and watching the mobil on the swing.  He is so alert it is amazing. 
-He LOVES music!!  Anytime music comes on he becomes calm and just sighs.
-He is lifting his head and when he cannot quite get it up he is constantly trying.  He really enjoys tummy time and while on his mat looks like the is swimming...his legs and arms are constantly on the go
-His favorite time of the day is bathtime!  He could lay in there all day long if we would let him.  He just stares at the mirror and kicks his feet.  When its time to get out, he lets us know he is not happy about it!!
-He smiles all the first it was just the precious smiles in his sleep but now he will smile while we talk to him and when we tickle his little feet
-he is still in newborn clothes.  steadily gaining weight but still so tiny.  people make 8lbs out to be such a big baby but he is soo small!!
-He rolled onto his side.  the first time he did this was at the doctor and the doctors was like "whoa little guy"!!  He did it again in his bed the other day!  Makes for a nervous Mommy...I have to watch him. 
-He is always pushing off things with his legs...he is so strong for such a little boy
-We got to hear the sound of his sweet laugh while he was sleeping...Wayne was holding him and out of no where came this sweet chuckle accompanied by the biggest smile...must have been having sweet dreams
-He had his first snow the day after Christmas!  He obviously had no clue it was snowing, but still a first!!
-In his first month he has celebrated his First Christmas, First New Years and Mommys Birthday!  Lots of celebrating and partying for this little guy!!

                              "Mom, Im tired of taking pics already!"
                         No champagne for my fist will do!!
                                         Our first Christmas!!
                                      On my Aunties NICE list!!