Tuesday, January 15, 2013

16 weeks

Today makes me 16 weeks preggo with these precious babies!!  Three weeks and I will be half way!  (19 weeks = halfway with twins!)
For the past week or so I can finally say that the morning all day sickness has passed, knock on wood.
But I have remained tired.  I do fine in the mornings and early afternoon, but as soon as 4 o'clock hits, I am USELESS!!
So far this pregnancy has been completely different than my pregnancy with Park
With him I was sick all day, literally. This time I just felt sick all day, but only actually got sick once.  Honestly, I would rather get sick than feel sick.  At least there were moments of relief.
I have already been dealing with heartburn, which was never an issue with P.
We go on Feb 11th for our big ultrasound.  That weekend we are hosting a gender reveal party for our family and close friends!  I am super excited to get to do this!  We were in PA when I was preggo with Park, so almost all of our pregnancy news was told over the phone.  So happy to be home and be able to share these special moments with those closest to us!! 
I will definately keep you guys posted!  We don't care either way when it comes to gender.  Although I will have to say I adore being a "boy mom"!
I keep feeling like they are boys, but not like I did when I KNEW Park was a boy.
My doctor keeps giving me this smirk and says he puts his money on girls!
We will see soon enough!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


It is still very weird to type babies, plural.

We saw our sweet little ones this morning and they were precious and more important...they were in 2 separate sacs!!  Thank you for the prayers!

We had our 2nd sono this morning and I went in a complete ball of nerves with my blood pressure through the roof.  They started out doing a basic belly ultrasound and as soon as we saw our little ones the tech noted that they looked great and were moving all about.  My first question..."are they in separate sacs?".  She said she could not confirm or see a separation and that they were very close together which may be the cause of not being able to see.  I of course broke into tears.

She continued to reassure me all was going to be okay and decided that we would switch to an internal ultrasound for a better picture and as soon as we got an image of my precious babies we clearly saw the wall between them.  I honestly felt the weight lift right off my shoulders!!!

Everything else with the appointment went great.  Babies are measuring right on track with baby B measuring slightly larger.  Baby B also tends to be the show off of the two.  He/She was moving all about and hogging the camera!!  She was able to get one clear shot of the two of them.

We go back on Feb 11th to confirm gender!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Big Brother

Our little guy now has a new title around here!!
He is going to be a BIG BROTHER this summer!
We were thrilled when we found out on Nov 1st that we were expecting baby #2!!!
Now to throw a little extra icing on top of our good news, at our first sonogram we found out that we were not only blessed with one sweet bundle of joy, but with TWO!
That is correct, we are having TWINS!!!
Although we were initially shocked, we could not be more thrilled or feel more blessed!!
More details soon on my pregnancy and the day we found out there were two!
Now I just ask you send many prayers our way.  We have another ultrasound tomorrow to determine if the babies are in one sac or two seperate.  We are praying for two seperate as sharing one is very high risk and could result in many complications.  So please send your prayers for our sweet babies!