Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I am so happy that Fall has finally arrived!  Now if the weather here in TX would just get that memo, all would be well!!  Never thought I would say this, but I am missing those NE fall days!!  

While it may still be reaching 90 degree temps each day, I still have all things fall on my mind!!

Here are some things I am loving this fall...

Colors of Fall 2012
I love all the colors for fall!
How fun is it to walk into the stores this time of year and finding such a rainbow of colors!

All things stripes!!
Do I dare mix a stripe with a stripe?....I just might!!!
How cute is this??

Smoking Loafers
Not sure what it is about these shoes, but I love them!  Just ordered a leopard pair and hope they looks as cute on me as I have seen them looking everywhere else!

Peplum Tops
If you find the right fit, these tops can be amaze!
For me these tops can help camoflauge my main trouble area!!!

The Kendra Scott Fall Collection
Lets be honest, EVERYTHING she has!
So many fun and colorful pieces to choose from!

What are you loving this fall???

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The kind way

Not sure what has been going on with solicitors in our area.  
They are not allowed, yet they seem to keep showing up.

I have even had quite a few pull up and come to my home only to "welcome me" to the area leaving brochures for everything from pest control to alarm systems to media hook up info.

Of course I never answer the door, I just find said material after the fact.
Although Parker and Bella love to look out the blinds and rub it in the solicitors face that we are home and ignoring them on purpose!

After a call to the HOA complaining, I decided I needed to try to come up with a way to keep them from banging on my door.
So it was either sitting on the porch all day with a shot gun (I kid, but I am sure this method would work!) or a kind little sign to let them know they are not welcomed.

 I went with option least for now!
Made it during P's nap yesterday, now we wait to see if it is effective!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Park had his first day of Mothers Day Out a couple weeks ago!  He is only going two days a week from 8:15-11:30, so its's not too long, but its the perfect amount of time for me to get my errands done and for him to get to play and learn with his new little friends!! 
Of course the first day I got choked up as I kissed him goodbye, a few tears came out and my voice cracked as I leaned down and told him I loved him!  He on the other hand could have cared less, he saw all the toys and he didn't think twice about looking back for old mom!  So far he seems to absolutely love it!  He gets so excited when we pull up and everyday when I pick him up he looks at me like, "why are you here"!  There is always a little fussing as we exit the building.  As much as I would love for him to be excited to come home and hang out with me, I am glad that he is loving it!

He is the youngest in his class so I am hoping hearing all the other kiddos talking alot (at least more than he is) and some starting to potty train, it will get him motivated more in both areas!

Here are a few pics of my little guy!!  If it isn't obvious he will do just about anything to avoid taking a picture for me!

"airplane above"

what else can I look at, besides mom!

so over it!