Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Three Years...

Three years ago today I had one of the best days of my life. I was surrounded by all my family and my closest friends and anxiously awaiting that walk down the aisle where I would see my handsome groom and we would become husband and wife!

Three years ago today I married my best friend and became Mrs. Wayne Johnson!

Wayne and I dated four years before we got married, and here we are 7 years later still growing as a couple and loving each other more with each passing day.

Lord knows I am not always the easiest person to deal with. I have my moments of being hard headed, stubborn and flat out spoiled rotten and when the rest of the world gets aggravated with me in these moments, Wayne just smiles and shakes his head!

This is our last anniversary as a family of two!! I am so excited for Parker to be here and cannot wait to see Wayne as not only my hubby but as a father! What a lucky little boy!!!

I cannot wait to see what the next 70 years (i am optimistic) have in store for us, but I know that no matter what lies ahead of us we will be fine because we have each other!!

Happy Anniversary Wayne...I love you!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

21 Weeks

This week Parker is the size of a large banana. He is getting big and weighing in at about three-quarters of a pound. I am definately starting to show. It seems I just woke up one morning and there my new larger rounder belly appeared. I am feeling good and now that the weather is slowly starting to cool off a little (this week at least we have had temps in the 80's) I have been getting out as much as I can to walk and get some fresh air!

We have also recently done our baby registry, which was a little overwhelming to say the least. There is so much out there and I had no idea where to begin. With the help of lots of my girlfriends who have done this before, I think we have gotten most things squared away.

We will be ordering the nursery furniture and bedding in the next week or so as well! I will post pics when I get it in. I found a lady on Etsy who is making the bedding and it is going to be so cute!!! I cannot wait!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We had our 20 week appointment this moring and Parker is looking great!! He is measuring right on track in all areas and the doc examined all of him at my ultrasound today and said everything looked wonderful and gave me an A+ !!!Our little man is VERY ACTIVE and was moving around the entire hour we were in there. I still have not really felt too much movement but they said I should feel him anyday now and I cannot wait!

We got a few pics today, but it was difficult to get too many clear ones as the little guy would rarely sit still. So here is a profile shot and his legs and feet! We are going to try for some better shots when we go back in 2 weeks!
He seemed to be doing summersaults while throwing in jabs and kicks...he was showing off all of his moves for us! I have heard before that babies that are very active in the womb tend to be a little more mellow when they are out of the womb...lets keep our fingers crossed!!
They also did my 3rd cervical check today and things are still looking very good. 2 more scheduled and then I should be done with those!
So far we have had nothing but good news, so keep those prayers coming our way!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

19 Weeks and a Great Visit

We are 19 weeks!! Woo-hoo!

This week Parker is the size of a Mango and weighing in at about a half a pound!! His sensory development is expanding and his brain is developing desginated areas for smell, taste, hearing and vision!! His little scalp is also beginning to sprout hair!! For the most part I have been feeling pretty good. Still down in weight from my pre-prego weight, but I did gain a few pds last month and am actually starting to show a little!!

The past week has been fabulous! We had such a great time with my parents here! We were on the move non stop! Thursday we did dr. appts and that night we took my parents to Bethlehem Brew Works for dinner and the headed to the casino! Friday we headed to Philadelphia and did our big taste test at Pat and Genos...majority of the votes were for Geno's!!! Dad did like Pats cheese better!! It was my first true Philly Cheesesteak and it was sooo good...but the heartburn that followed I could have done without!

After our cheesesteaks we headed to Citizens Bank Park for the Phillies game!! Wayne got us Diamond Club tickets and we were 10 rows back behind home plate! Game was alot of fun. The Phillies were getting killed when we left, but when we got home we saw on the news that they came back in the 9th and beat the Reds!! Guess we were not bringing them any luck!!

Saturday we headed into New Jersey to the USGA Museum. It was really nice and pretty interesting too!! The guys loved it and after going through the museum they were able to go outside and put on greens that were replicas of the greens of St. Andrews in the UK...needless to say putting on greens like those were not as easy as they thought!! While we were there Grandma and Grandpa got some neat items for Parkers nursery and his first book...The ABC's of Golf.

After the museum we headed to Carlo's Bakery. I love the show Cake Boss on TLC and have been wanting to stop by the bakery since we moved up here. I was not prepared for what the line to get in that place would look like. The line was 2 city blocks long...and it is like that EVERYDAY of the week. But we drove over there, so we were gonna wait. Dad and Wayne found a bar down the street and Mom and I waited (they met us as we got closer the the front). After our hour and half wait on the street we waited about 30 minutes once we got inside. We got canolis, lobster rolls, chocolate covered strawberries and a couple other things. Everything was so yummy!! No, we did not see Buddy...but it was still a fun experience!!

Sunday the guys played golf and Mom helped me to FINALLY decide which pics I want to use for my WEDDING ALBUM!! Yes its 3 years later and I have still not ordered it!!!

I know this was a long thanks to those who made it to the end!! Just wanted to share our wonderful weekend!! Thanks again for everything Mom and Dad!! We had so much fun and miss you guys already!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

18 Weeks

This week Parker is the size of a Sweet Potatoe!! I cannot believe we are already 18 weeks...2 more weeks and we will be halfway done!! This first part has flown by, but I am sure I will not be saying that later on!!
Week 18 has been wonderful so far! I had an appointment with my Dr. on Wed for my monthly visit and everything is going great. I got to listen to his heartbeat, which absolutely makes my day!

To top Wednesday off, Mom and Dad came in town for a visit!!! We had a great night visiting and cooking out!

Thursday, Mom got to join me to my appointment with my Specialist. She got to listen to Parkers heartbeat and see him moving all around!! He was being very camera shy for Grandma and kept putting his hands in his face!! After the appointment we headed over to babies r us so I could pick up a shower gift and we ended up getting Parker a few things too...SHOCKER!!

Mom and Dad got him his first big purchase...his Pack and Play!! I love it!! The pic shows it fully set up, but in the beginning it has a bassinet on top and a changing table. Plays music, vibrates and has a light and remote control!! I cannot wait until he is here!!
Last night we headed to the casino and as usual I had NO LUCK!! But Grandpa did and he put his winnings in Parkers new Piggy Bank (thanks Aunt Holly!)
Today we are heading to Philly to test out the Pat and Genos cheesesteak rivalry and to attend the Phillys game!! We will be 10 seats back behind homeplate...if you get the game, look for us!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

17 Weeks!

This week Parker is the size of an onion!! His bones are hardening, he is moving all of his joints and he is developing sweat glands!!

We had a great week last week in Fort Worth. Wayne flew in earlier in the week for meetings and I joined him for the weekend!! We had a great time seeing family and friends and even lucked out by not having scorching temps!!

This weekend we are planning a getaway to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore for the Fourth of July! We are going to spend time dining and shopping at the Inner Harbor and then will go to Oregon Ridge for a Firework Show featuring the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. We will be meeting up with our good friends Val and Curtis to celebrate the holiday and Valeries Birthday which happens to be on the 4th!! We both have holiday bdays that involve fireworks!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY VALERIE!!

Next Wednesday my mom and dad are coming up to visit!!! We are so excited to have them coming to stay with us!! We are going to show them around PA, take them to a Phillies game, get them a cheesesteak and of course make our way to the casino!!

Hope you all have a great week!!