Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We went for our 16 week ultra sound this morning and we found out that....
We are thrilled!! I kept saying that I felt it was a boy, but Wayne was still thinking girl...I was right!!
I have some cute video from my appt today too that they recorded for me, but I cannot figure out how to upload it...so more on that later!!

Todays appointment was actually scheduled for my 1st of 5 cervical checks, but as soon as I got there I asked my doctor if we could PLEASE at least try and see if it was a he or a she...without having to look long or hard, it was very obvious that Baby J was a HE !! It was so amazing to see and hear this news. It makes this entire experience that much more real!! I have already hit up Baby Gap and Gymboree!!

This week our baby boy is the size of an avacado. He is getting ready for a huge growth spurt that will happen in the next couple weeks and his little heart is now pumping 25 qts of blood each day. His ears are almost finally formed and he is even starting to grow toenails!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

15 Weeks

I am 15 weeks as of yesterday!! Baby J is the size of an orange this week and growing and moving like crazy!! This week our baby is practicing sucking, swallowing and using his/her upper respiratory system!!

We have had alot of special events going on this week! Monday, my parents celebrated their 35th Wedding Annviersary!! Robert(Waynes brother) had his birthday on Tuesday and my moms birthday is today(Wednesday)! Then we have Fathers Day this Sunday!! So Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday and Happy Fathers Day!! We love you all!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Amazing Sounds and Salsa!

Most exciting news this week...I had a doctors appointment Thursday and got to listen to the precious sound of my sweet babys heartbeat!! It is the most amazing sound ever and brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it!! My doctor said that everything looks great! So keep those prayers coming!

Wayne was in DC for work this past week and I was happy for him to get home yesterday! One full week of staying at home and I am already bored...not suprising!! But we have alot coming up in the next few weeks, so I should be able to keep busy!

Today we went to the Easton Farmers Market...it is a decent size market on the downtown square of the town we live in. It has been running since 1752.

It was our first visit and we had a great time. Tons of local farmers with fresh fruits, veggies, herbs, etc. Amish selling breads and pastries and tons of ppl selling different spreads, pestos, hummus, etc. Also have different local bands performing each weekend. It was alot to see...but we are lucky the market runs every saturday from May - November!! So we will definately be going back.

I did get some yummy salsas today!! Most of you know I LOVE salsa(I also think all resturants should give you the option of chips and salsa as an appetizer!!...right Liz?).

These are fresco style salsas (think pico!!) One is peach and one is pineapple. To say they are delicious would be an understatement. Wayne is not a fan of fruit salsas and he loves them too!!

They are made here in Easton by Easton Salsa Company and I will make sure to have some in the house when visitors are here...so you can try for yourself!!

Well I am off to get ready for a date night with my hubba hubba!!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

14 Weeks

This week Baby J is the size of a lemon! This weeks big developments are that our sweet baby can now squint, frown and grimace. Baby J's kidneys are also now producing urine. He or she is moving around like crazy...kicking and punching, even though I cannot feel any of that just yet!!

In other news, I am now offically a stay at home mom!! Which is a blessing and a relief. Work these past few months has been nothing but stressful and morning sickness (which last all day) on top of that has been miserable. I am excited to now have time to take care of myself and enjoy my summer! We are planning to make a couple trips to Texas this summer too and look forward to seeing everyone!!
Now that I am in my second trimester, I find myself feeling better with each passing day and I continue to have more and more energy!!
Hope you all have a great week!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We're Expecting!!!

We are so excited to share with you all that we are expecting a little blessing in early December!! We are beyond happy and feeling so blessed!!

Our exact due date is December 7th, which makes us 3 months pregnant!!

So far things have been going great, other than me feeling horrible!!

We have had multiple doctor visits and 3 ultrasounds. Baby Johnson has had a heartbeat in the 160-170's and was flipping around last time we checked in!! My doctors and specialist have been wonderful and have been making sure that I am well taken care of!

I have my next ultrasound at 16 weeks (June 22) and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will find out if we are having a he or a she!!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers in the upcoming months!!

We will keep you all posted as we enjoy this exciting journey to parenthood!!
Love~ Missy & Wayne