Tuesday, December 3, 2013


This past Sunday, December 1st...my baby turned THREE!
Can you believe it?  I cant!
I cried a few times.  Once as I was putting him to bed on his last night as a two year old, then when he got on his big boy bike he got for his bday and finally when my Time Hop app popped up and I saw the pics from the past 3 years and a few fb post that I honestly feel I just posted days ago!
I am not sure how time can move so quickly.  Each day he wakes up and does something or says something that just reassures me that he is in fact becoming a big boy!
Parker at three...
  • You are absolutely hilarious!  You are always being goofy and doing what you can to put a smiles on others face
  • You are so tender hearted and can get your feelings hurt easily.  You are so caring of others feelings and get upset when you see others upset or hurting
  • You are so stubborn!!  You know what you want and how you want it.  Whether that be with food, clothes or how we play with your toys...its your way!  It drives me insane at times but I love that you know what you want!
  • You became a big brother and you are the best big brother in the world.  I was so scared about how having your sisters would affect you.  One is a big change, but two is HUGE!  You just rolled with it and love them so much!  There are times where I can tell you get aggravated but you have been such a champ!
  • You LOVE trains, planes, trucks and dinosaurs.
  • Your favorite things to do are going to the park, riding your scooter, playing outside, doing puzzles and going to school
  • You are still the pickiest eater.  We have added a few things to your menu over the past year but not many.  Hoping when your sisters start to eat you decide it may be a good time for you too!
  • You are potty trained.  We decided to give it a try after your sisters came and you nailed it!  3 days and you were good to go in your big boy undies!!  So proud...I feared potty training!
  • You are starting to ask to dress yourself.  The outfits you put together can be pretty interesting!
We love you so much sweet boy and are so proud of the big boy you are becoming!  We love watching you learn and grow everyday and we love that you keep smiles on our faces even in the times where you drive us crazy!!!

It's hard being three!!!


  1. Can't believe it!! Love that last picture:)

  2. AW!!! Such a cutie patootie!!!

  3. Our sweet little guy is growing up sooo fast.
    We love having you close to watch every exciting & precious moment.
    We love you,
    Mimi & Papa